Mark Manders y Roger Willems, por Julien Crépieux, Mark Geffriaud y Yoann Gourme


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Video alojado en Rosa B:
Rosa B. is a magazine produced by two of Bordeaux’s art institutions – CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art Bordeaux and the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts – which are long-standing accomplices: one might think, for example, of their past collaboration on the 1996 Traffic exhibition, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, or the more recent One Night Stand, among many other examples. Rosa B. will provide a common space of reflection and discourse on artistic practices, but also a point of intersection between, on the one hand, the School’s concerns for the transmission of knowledge, research, experimentation on new approaches and ways of thinking and doing, and, on the other, the efforts of the museum to define a precise, innovative cultural and artistic project that is able to convey to its audience the ways in which artists reflect on the world, apprehend it and transform it, through new works, exhibitions, publications and events. Each issue of the magazine will focus on a particular theme, subject or question that is a common concern for the two institutions. The choice will be made by an Editorial Board made up of professors from the school and members of the museum’s team. An editor, who will change with each new issue, will then put together a set of textual and audio-visual contributions reflecting on the chosen theme.


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