Pablo Pijnappel, Felicitas

«The Brazilian artist has developed a documentary approach that extends far beyond scientific displays; he draws on his own family history in his videos, films and slide installations. This apparently highly personal starting point generates a space that renders the mechanisms of memory and its iterative processes visible in Pijnappel’s complex, anti- hierarchical narratives about immigration, discovering one’s identity and cultural crossover. These mental superpositions are reflected in the materials employed: the combination of found footage, his own family archive, images taken from the media and the inserted subtitles constitute tales about subjectivity, in which the imaginary plays an essential role. Felicitas centres on the daughter of a German industrialist who emigrated to Brazil after the First World War; the struggle to create a new identity in one’s “foreign” homeland is reflected almost paradigmatically in her biography. Cinematographic references incorporate a further level of significance into Pijnappel’s works. Chris Marker’s 1962 cine-novel “La Jetée” is the forerunner for such combinations of image and text and the ensuing intermediate interpretative space.»


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